6 Ways To Save Money On Fertility Medication

A look into my fertility medications during egg freezing

I used my company’s insurance to pay for the majority of my egg freezing BUT what I did pay out of pocket for was a portion of the medication. They are so pricey.

In the Facebook groups I’m in, I’ve read about women getting creative with how they save money on fertility medications. On this blog, I aim to help women through the process of preserving their fertility so if you are egg freezing or going through IVF and looking to cut some costs, keep reading below.

Overview of fertility treatment and its costs

Fertility medication costs can make up a whopping 30% or more of the total treatment costs, according to a study by FertilityIQ. I was shocked when I found this out.

Now, when it comes to the actual numbers, it really depends on the type of treatment you’re getting. For example, the average fertility medication costs for IVF and egg freezing can range from $4,000 to $7,000 per cycle.

Ways to save on fertility medication

I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you save some money. Let’s dive into some ways to cut down on those expensive fertility medication costs.

1. Use donated meds

To access donated medications for egg freezing or IVF, start by contacting your local fertility clinics, support groups, or online forums that may have information on available donations.

Additionally, organizations like the Baby Quest Foundation and the Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation offer donated medications to those in need.

PLEASE verify the quality and storage of the donated medications by checking expiration dates and ensuring proper storage conditions. They also need to be unopened.

2. Talk to your doctor

Discuss any financial concerns you may have with your fertility doctor, as they may be able to offer alternative treatment options or savings programs.

Ask about lower-cost treatments or generic medications that could help reduce the financial burden of your medical expenses. Inquire about any prescription rebate programs or sliding scale discounts that the clinic may offer for patients in need.

It is worth considering if there are any available free medication samples that could potentially help reduce costs. Your doctor can provide useful information and guidance on managing healthcare costs while still receiving necessary treatment.

3. Compare costs between different fertility medications

When it comes to fertility medications for IVF and egg/embryo freezing, there are a few different options. Some common medications include Clomid, Letrozole, Gonadotropins (like Follistim or Gonal-F), and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG).

Individual dosages and treatment plans can affect the overall cost of these medications. For example, someone with higher hormone levels may require a higher dosage of medications, leading to increased costs.

Comparing the costs, Clomid and Letrozole are usually the most affordable options, while Gonadotropins and hCG tend to be more expensive.

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4. Purchase your medications “as you go”

It is advisable to maintain regular communication with your pharmacy to ensure timely refill orders during your cycle. Be sure to explore pharmacy and medication discount programs to help reduce costs and make the process more affordable.

By purchasing your medications “as you go” and staying in communication with your pharmacy, you can ensure that you have what you need when you need it, without overspending.

I ordered half my medications upfront and the other half later. Fertility medications are overnighted to you so I wasn’t worried. Also, remember some need to be refrigerated!

5. Apply for infertility grants

If you’re looking to apply for infertility grants and scholarships, it’s important to ensure that you meet the specific criteria for each one before applying.

Start by researching legitimate non-profit organizations that are approved by the National Fertility Association.

For a comprehensive list of fertility grants, scholarships, and discount programs, you can visit Resolve.org and Fertility Within Reach.

6. Take advantage of pharmacy packages

Many pharmacies offer discount programs specifically for fertility medications, such as the Compassionate Care Program by EMD Serono, which offers up to 75% off fertility medications for eligible self-pay patients. Eligibility criteria typically include income level and diagnosis.

There are other need-based discounts and manufacturer discount programs are available for low-income patients and veterans. These programs can significantly reduce the cost of fertility medications, making them more accessible for those who need them.

Also, ask if they have any coupons available.

Hopefully, this post was helpful for you. Feel free to read my other posts on saving money for fertility treatments. Also, message me on Instagram if you have any questions and be sure to subscribe to my egg freezing newsletter.

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