Hello there!
I’m Amber.

I’m a journalist, calligrapher and passionate about helping millennials and Gen-Z graduate college debt-free, land jobs in their dream industry and avoid burnout.

I didn’t have straight-A’s or play a varsity sport, but I was able to secure two-full ride scholarships (of more than $50,000) and won a bunch of smaller scholarships and contests. Not having to pay a dime for college really helped set me up for success.

At first Girl with Drive started because I wanted to document my college experience. Over the years it’s transformed into a resource that has helped hundreds of people graduate from college without student loan debt and has served as inspiration for young people to get clarity about what drives them. The aim of this blog is to give honest, realistic insight, and tips on how to level up your life and take steps to create a future better than any Instagram grid could ever showcase.

I believe anyone with hard work, the right tools and positive mindset can achieve whatever they want. Thank you for reading! 

Get to know me!

  • I went to community college for two years and transferred to the top public school in my state. Go Terps!
  • I did six internships in college. My first one was reviewing reality TV shows for an entertainment blog. I got to interview reality stars when I was just 19!
  • I spend way too much time in the planner aisle in Target. I love daily, weekly and monthly planning
  • As a military brat, I travelled around a lot. I started school in Suffolk, England.
  • I volunteer for too many things lol. My weeknights are usually packed with tutoring, Bible study, committee meetings, etc etc. But I really enjoy staying busy.

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