5 Ways To Freeze Your Eggs For Free

One of the biggest hurdles to freeze your eggs is cost. If the process wasn’t so expensive, I know for a fact more women and people with ovaries would preserve their fertility.

I write a lot about elective egg freezing because I believe it’s an extremely empowering decision. (Subscribe to my egg freezing newsletter where I send out info on egg freezing grants, scholarships, and tools.)

I paid to freeze my eggs at 28 through my company’s health insurance (Progyny) and my HSA funds.

But I know a lot of women don’t work at a job that offers fertility insurance benefits.

So, I’ve compiled a list of ways to freeze your eggs for free (or at a really low cost). I hope you find this blog post helpful!

Donate half of your eggs

There’s options available for egg donation, allowing you to both donate eggs and keep some for personal use, rather than solely getting money for donation.

It’s generally known as an egg-share program.

This is typically available for women who meet certain clinical criteria such as age and health requirements.

@toniasky I have exciting news! I have spent some time researching and connecting with an amazing company that has a split egg donation program where the egg donor gets to freeze half of the eggs for herself, for free! This is a life changing opportunity for alot of women who do not want to start a family in their 20s but do in the future. DM me for the link to apply for this program ❤️🪺 #eggdonor #eggdonors #freezeyoureggs #eggfreezing #fyp #viral #hotgirlsummer #fertility #womenshealth #womensrights #20s #dmme ♬ original sound – Tonia Sky

The Split Program offered by Freeze by Co requires women to have both ovaries, be between the ages of 21-to-33, and have no genetic or reproductive disorders. They are matched with intended parents and undergo strict health screenings. If selected, the woman goes through the egg freezing cycle.

Half the retrieved eggs are stored for FREE for up to 10 years and the other half are given to the intended parents.

If you are in the U.K., London Egg Bank has a similar program.

I really enjoyed reading this article by The Cut which talked to women who did this kind of program.

Negotiate egg freezing with your employer

In 2021, I didn’t get the raise I asked for so I negotiated to get three months off (paid!). You can negotiate anything.

Fertility can be a tricky and sensitive subject to talk about but how can things improve if people are silent. As your HR department if there are fertility benefits they offer and if they don’t push them to start offering it.

Alternatively, you can try forgoing a raise and asking to be reimbursed a portion of your egg freezing costs. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Apply for a fertility grant or scholarship

Here’s a list of egg freezing and IVF scholarships and grants. If you qualify, definitely apply!

Journey to Parenthood: Offers one $10,000 grant per year for egg freezing, IUI, IVF or surrogacy. Must be a U.S. citizen.

The Gift of Parenthood: Offers a grant worth up to $20,000 that can be utilized for covering expenses related to egg freezing or IVF. Grants are awarded periodically depending on the availability of funds.

Heart Beat Program: Offers free medications for egg freezing for women diagnosed with cancer and has not started cancer treatment yet.

Team Maggie’s Dream Grant: Offers up to $2,500 to assist U.S. residents facing cancer treatments to preserve their fertility and up to 1 year of storage fees. Must have been denied coverage by their insurance provider.

Use HSA or FSA funds

In most cases, you can use your Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to cover egg freezing expenses such as birth control, medication and lab work. For the past two years, I’ve used my HSA debit card to pay my $650/year storage cost without a problem.

For HSA reimbursement for storage fees you will need to get a Letter of Medical Necessity from your doctor.

Apply for an egg freezing giveaway

Fertility package giveaways are pretty new but I saw few come across my social feeds last year. I know you may think you have no chance of winning a giveaway but like negotiating, it never hurts to try.

HRC Fertility Center in Southern California gave away three prizes in December 2023 including $20,000 worth of fertility treatment and another that covered a full egg freezing cycle along with one year of free storage.

Other organizations that have offered giveaways in the past that are worth researching are Sher Fertility Solutions and Pacific Fertility Center.

I hope this post gave you a few ideas on how to make egg freezing more affordable for you. Always feel free to DM me on Instagram with any egg freezing questions.

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