9 Top Career Blogs to Read

The blog world has changed a lot in the past few years but I still love sitting down and getting inspiration from my favorite blogs. Although I’m a journalist, I enjoy mostly reading blog posts that have nothing to do with my profession. I’ve learned that climbing the career ladder (especially for young women) looks pretty similar across industries once you read about different peoples experiences..

I put together a list of my favorite career blogs. Some of these are considered more ‘lifestyle’ blogs that include a career section. I’ve also included a mixture of both big and small blogs. I hope reading these blogs can help you in your career endeavors this year!

Photography: Jennifer Duplessie
Photography: Jennifer Duplessie


Well, of course, I had to put my own blog on the list =). When I first started this blog in 2012, it was mainly to document my college experience. However, over the past three years, I’ve dedicated my little space on the Internet to giving career advice. My posts are honest and tell the lessons I’ve learned by being a young professional. Check out my post on why you shouldn’t put your address on your resume and how to deal with a shady co-worker.


Laura has hands down been my favorite blogger for years. She went to Harvard Medical School and is now a dermatology resident. She also has three young daughters and a husband. Laura has always been open about sharing how she juggles her job and personal life. She is so transparent and real about the struggles she’s faced and how she overcame them. Even if you have no interest in medicine, you’ll learn a ton of practical information by reading her blog. Check out her posts on the power of mentors and getting past our own self-doubt.


I’ve been following Tomi for a little over a year now. She is incredibly driven and organized. As an MBA student, she’s interned at big companies such as Business Insider and Intel. Tomi mostly writes about fashion and lifestyle but her posts on how to be a rockstar intern and things you should do if you’re moving to new city are great reads.


Nathaly is a bomb blogger from Fresno who is a fellow journalist like myself. She has a great YouTube channel as well as a really informative blog that is focused on her life of being a boss babe. If you have an interest in online media or making a living from your blog/vlog, definitely go over the Nathaly’s blog. Be sure to read her post on the 10 things she learned as her first year as a web producer.


Rosana has a wonderful series on her blog called Intern Diaries. You could literally binge read her articles all day. She interviews people on how they landed their dream internships. What I love about her series is that there is a range of careers she features. From someone who landed an internship at NASA to a psychology student who gained clinical experience, there are so many interesting stories to read. Also she has a bomb podcast called Get This Girl a Job.


Trisha is pursuing her medical degree and MBA. Talk about busy! I’ve utterly enjoyed reading Trisha’s blog all of last year. Reading her journey about moving away from home to pursue her dreams and how to make decisions when you have competing offers really spoke to me. Trisha doesn’t glamorize things and this is what I love about her. She discusses the clinical rotations she enjoyed and ones she wouldn’t want to do again. Trisha gets real about the sacrifices she’s made for her career while still motivating others to go after their goals. Her whole blog is a most read.


Austen is magazine editor turned fashion blogger. Her career section on her beautifully designed blog are must-reads for anyone interested in going into style writing. I loved her post on managing your money as a freelancer and how to go from intern to a full-time employee.


I believe I discovered Rachel’s blog on Pinterest a couple years ago. The Confused Millennial is packed with basically everything career and productivity related. I literally read this blog almost daily. A couple of my favorite blog posts are 5 times to say no at work and how to budget when you’re transitioning to becoming self-employed.


Florida blogger Amanda has written some great posts on her internship experiences. She’s currently as custom buyer intern at Disney and has blogged about how to get the most out of LinkedIn and how to use Canva for your career.

Stay driven.


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