6 Things To Avoid During Egg Freezing

You want to make sure you’re doing everything right to increase your chances of success during the egg freezing process.

This blog post talks about the things you should avoid during your egg freezing journey. Trust me, it’ll save you from any unnecessary headaches.

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What to avoid during egg freezing

Intense exercise

Intense high-impact exercises such as HIIT, tennis, and certain reformer pilates classes during fertility treatments can pose potential risks. I stopped doing my dance cardio classes for a few weeks while I was going through the process.

One specific risk to be aware of is ovarian torsion which occurs when the ovary twists on its supportive ligaments, cutting off its blood supply. Intense exercise can increase the risk of this painful and serious condition, particularly for women undergoing egg freezing and IVF.

Low to moderate-intensity exercises such as yoga, tai chi, walking, and swimming without flip turns are recommended for women undergoing IVF and egg freezing. These types of activities are gentler on the body.

Exercise is good for your health and fertility. Regular physical activity can help regulate hormones, reduce stress, and improve blood flow to the reproductive organs, which can positively impact fertility.

Remember, balance is key! Stay active, but opt for less intense movements.


High amounts of caffeine can have some negative effects on fertility in general.

Some studies suggest that excessive caffeine intake can potentially reduce fertility outcomes. That’s why it’s recommended to limit your daily caffeine intake during IVF and egg freezing. My fertility nurse told me to only drink one cup of coffee max.

Too much caffeine can mess with your hormone levels and disrupt the menstrual cycle.

In a 2021 study published by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, it was found that high caffeine intake was associated with a longer time to pregnancy and an increased risk of early pregnancy loss.

Given that egg freezing is a method to preserve fertility, it is important to create the best environment for successful egg retrieval and storage.

Remember, caffeine is also found in tea, sodas, and chocolate, so keep an eye on those sources too.

Hot tubs or steam rooms

It is generally not recommended to use hot tubs or steam rooms during egg freezing, as the elevated body temperature can possibly impact the process.

Some doctors believe that the elevated body temperature from hot tubs or steam rooms can have a negative impact on the eggs being retrieved and the overall success of the egg freezing process.

On the other hand, some doctors hold the belief that short periods of time in hot tubs or steam rooms may not have a significant impact on egg freezing.

Using public hot tubs can pose risks such as exposure to bacteria and infections, which can be especially risky during the process of egg freezing.

Just talk to your doctor.


When it comes to alcohol and the egg retrieval process during IVF, it’s all about finding that sweet spot of moderation.

The general recommendation is to limit alcohol consumption to about one or two drinks per week during the egg retrieval process. So you don’t have to completely give up going to happy hour or having a glass of wine at dinner. I’ve known women that had a small glass a wine every day while egg freezing and they had fine results.

Moderation is key because alcohol can affect hormone levels, disrupt the menstrual cycle, and even decrease the quality of eggs. Plus, you are taking injectable hormones, you might already not feel the best. You don’t want to add a hangover to your symptoms.


According to Columbia University, sex should be avoided during egg freezing for a few reasons.

Engaging in intercourse does not have a negative impact on the quality of eggs or embryos, but it is important to be mindful of the sensitivity of the ovaries and the risk of twisting (ovarian torsion). Also, you are on fertility medications. You are super fertile!

If you do choose to engage in sexual activity, it’s important to use protection like a condom to prevent pregnancy

Discuss sex with your doctor or nurse to find out when you can proceed with sex after your egg retrieval.

Scheduling long travel trips

Egg freezing involves a lot of doctor appointments and monitoring. This means that it may not be the best time to plan any long travel trips.

It typically requires frequent visits to your fertility clinic for ultrasounds, bloodwork, and consultations with your doctor. Sometimes they are every other day or every single day as your retrieval date gets closer.

These appointments are crucial for monitoring your hormone levels and the growth of your eggs. Additionally, the timing of these appointments is very important and may not be flexible.

Going on a long work or personal travel trip during this time can be tricky and may cause you to have to delay the process. It’s best to avoid any unnecessary stress or complications, so try to block out your schedule for 2-3 weeks.

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