Does Egg Freezing Make You Gain Weight?

Can taking medications for egg freezing make you gain weight? That was one the of my questions I asked the reproductive endocrinologist during my consultation.

I led a healthy lifestyle and wasn’t sure how the hormones would impact me physically or the way I looked. My doctor said the weight I would potentially gain would be fluid, not fat and it would be temporary.

Still, everyone’s body is different. Celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Kourtney Kardashian Barker shared they gained weight as one of their egg freezing/IVF symptoms. So is it true? I’m passionate on this blog about sharing all the tips and resources about egg freezing. So below I explain the potential factors of weight gain caused by egg freezing and IVF.

This post is all about egg freezing and weight gain.

Day 5 of freezing my eggs

Factors that can cause weight gain during/after egg freezing

Hormones make you hungry

Hormones play a crucial role in regulating hunger levels in the body. During fertility treatments, you might experience an increased appetite which results in an increased food intake. Dr. Allision Rodgers, a Chicago fertility doctor, explains more about this on TikTok.

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Water Retention

Hormonal medications during IVF and egg freezing can disrupt the body’s normal fluid balance, leading to water retention.

Symptoms of water retention can include swelling in the hands, feet, and abdomen, as well as bloating and weight gain. Some individuals may also experience discomfort and tightness in their skin due to the excess fluid.

So yes the number on the scale may go up but if it’s only fluid retention, you’ll return to your normal weight.

Will I get bloating and gain weight after my egg retrieval?

After your egg retrieval, it’s totally normal to experience some discomfort, bloating, and maybe even a little bit of weight gain.

But if it starts getting really uncomfortable or you notice a weight gain of more than 5-10 pounds, it’s definitely a good idea to reach out to your fertility doctor for some pain relief and to make sure everything’s okay.

If you need to continue taking hormones, make sure to stick to your treatment plan as directed by your doctor. I had to continue taking injections for two days after my egg retrieval to help shrink my ovaries to their original size faster.

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Lifestyle factors and exercise

During fertility treatments, it is important to be mindful of your exercise routine. While staying active is generally beneficial for overall health, it is advisable to limit high-impact or intense workouts during fertility treatments.

You don’t want to risk having ovarian torsion or complications.

Since you may not be able to do your normal workout routine, there’s a small potential for weight gain or muscle loss but sticking to eating healthy well balanced meals, will help a lot. I went on a ton of walks!

Stress and mental health during egg freezing

Stress during fertility treatments, such as egg freezing, can potentially lead to weight gain in some women.

When the body is under stress, it releases a hormone called cortisol, which can increase appetite and lead to overeating. Additionally, stress can also disrupt sleep patterns, which in turn can contribute to weight gain.

A 2018 NIH study found that women undergoing fertility treatments experienced higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, which can have a significant impact on their mental and physical well-being. In fact, the study suggests that the stress of fertility treatments can even affect the success rates of the procedures.

Prioritize your mental health! Have supportive, helpful people in your corner. Read, meditate, and journal. Take care of you.

I hope this post was helpful. DM me on IG @girlwithdrive if you have any other egg freezing related questions.

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