When Will You Get Your Period After Egg Freezing?

After an egg retrieval, your menstrual cycle might look a little different for a while.

It’s totally normal for the cycle to be a bit irregular or heavier than usual, as the body is adjusting from the hormonal changes and the procedure itself. Some women may also experience spotting or cramping as the body goes through the process of shedding the uterine lining. Keep track of any changes and consult with your doctor if you things if you get concerned.

My fertility nurse told me to message her through my clinic’s portal once I got my first period. I was still very bloated at the time and she told me to continue not exercising for a couple of weeks and to prioritize rest. You can read all about my egg freezing journey here.

This post is all about your period after your egg retrieval.

Period supplies such as pads and tampons after egg retrieval

When can you expect to get your period after your egg retrieval?

The majority of women start their first period after their egg retrieval within 7 to 14 days, according to Shady Grove Fertility.

But your period can also come within a few short days after an egg retrieval due too to the natural hormonal fluctuations and changes in your reproductive system.

Don’t stress if it takes a little longer too. Your body is just recovering from the procedure and getting back to its regular cycle.

Is irregular bleeding or spotting normal after egg retrieval?

It is not uncommon to experience irregular bleeding or spotting after an egg retrieval procedure. I wore a panty liner for a couple of days after the surgery. This can be a result of the manipulation of the ovaries during the process and is generally considered normal. However, if the bleeding is heavy or prolonged, it’s important to contact your nurse or doctor.

There are other factors that may impact your menstrual cycle such as if you have PCOS and the method of birth control you were on (IUD specifically).

Can you use tampons or menstrual cups for your first period after egg retrieval?

Generally yes, you can use tampons and menstrual cups/discs after an egg retrieval, as long as you have been given the green light by your doctor or nurse. It is important to wait until any initial bleeding or discharge has stopped from the procedure before using tampons or menstrual cups to avoid the risk of infection.

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Delayed period after egg freezing

Keep panty liners, pads, and tampons handy ladies.

My fertility nurse told me it is common for a woman’s period to be delayed after egg freezing or retrieval due to the hormonal stimulation and medication used during the process, which can disrupt the normal menstrual cycle.

Second Period After Egg Retrieval

After egg retrieval, your second period may still be slightly irregular and could have more intense cramping or heavier bleeding due to all the hormone levels changing from the fertility treatments. However, for most women, their periods should go back to normal within a few months.

What can you do to manage period pain after egg retrieval?

To manage period pain in general and after an egg retrieval, you can use a heating pad to provide relief to the lower abdomen. I HIGHLY recommend a plug-in wall heating pad after your egg retrieval so you aren’t constantly getting up to microwave or warm it up.

Plus a lot of plug-in heating pads have adjustable settings. I got mine from CVS using a coupon but Target and Amazon sell them too.

Over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can also help alleviate pain and cramps. It’s also recommended to eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, flaxseeds, and walnuts, as well as drinking chamomile or ginger tea to help reduce inflammation and ease menstrual cramps. And stay hydrated! Get plenty of rest, put on a Netflix or Hulu show and just try to relax.

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