2015: A Year Of Blessings And Struggles

As another birthday approaches and I reflect on this past year I know the biggest I’ve learned: If you’re not happy where you are, you probably won’t be happy where you want to be.

I wrote

last year

that I didn’t feel like I was really living my life and I think in many ways that has changed. Let me tell you this year I had more blessings than I ever could imagine but with blessings came some struggles too. At times I felt like as I was growing in my professional life, but felt like I was failing in my personal life. Or when everything seemed great I would get a terrible allergic reaction (it happened twice!). I honestly felt like I couldn’t catch a break sometimes.

I felt like everything was a race before. I would put so much pressure on myself to reach the top and to be best that I would literally make myself sick and stressed. This year I discovered my passion yoga and my entire outlook on the life I want to live has changed. I’ve never felt so at peace with myself. I learned that I can’t wait to be happy tomorrow or wait until everything falls into place to feel like things are fantastic. My life is fantastic today because that’s the way I chose to see it.

But despite some mishaps here and there I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. I’m living at home with my mom saving money and I feel like my relationship with her is closer than ever (she’s my bff). I work for an amazing company doing a job a job I never thought I would get but have grown to love it. And most importantly I have a support system of people who believe in me. I’m grateful every single day for the life I live.

So here’s to me turning 23 and making this year all about growth, control, and more good fortunes! 

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